Bensley – Cold Storage

Back with another brilliant production Bensley releases Cold Storage. With a solid shout out the EDM of old there is brilliant on a beach in a hot country vibe that goes with this tune.

Kasra & Enei – Greed

Yet another bass junkies paradise! It is with Critical Musics boss man Kasra announcing he was returning to the studio with Enei there was a buzz out there in anticipation for their release. Well the waiting is over!

Begin with an apology

I thought I would just quickly right a note to all my followers out there in the world. I have had a couple of people asking why I have not put any mix’s up for a while. The answer is quite simple, I have lost my lead to feed into my recording equipment.
images (18)I know this is disgusting behaviour but there was a system in place to check I had everything when leaving a gig but that obviously failed me on this occasion. Quite simply I was tired and wanted to get to bed and still had quite a bit of driving to do before I got back home. So I was rushing and left it behind by mistake. So learn you’re lesson from me buy more than 1 cable that you need for your setup. In fact have at least two of each kind just to be safe, that way if one breaks or gets lost you have a backup to call upon.

Well lesson learnt and my mix’s will back shortly once I have had the new lead X 3 turn up. When my mixes are back it will be with a 1991 oldskool shout out I think so keep an eye open.

Netsky – Rio

Well what can I say other than Netsky does it again with another amazing summer tune. The Ex Hospital Records powerhouse keeps on pulling it out the bag and I for one am very grateful!